Report on Regional CSO Networks in the WB and Turkey

Mapping Study of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 15, 2016
Civic Initiatives Research: Monitoring the Freedom of Expression and Media in the Process of EU Integration
November 15, 2016

 Since 2012, when the initial report was last updated, regional CSO networks in the Western Balkans and Turkey have gained on visibility and influence, and are active in wide range of thematic fields. The main reasons CSOs join regional networks are an exchange of information, coordination of activities and creation of new social value. This new social value is mostly seen in the increased ability of networks (as compared to individual CSOs) to influence public policies in the region. Additional benefits that networks provide to their members are greater visibility and increased leverage at the local level. The WBT regional CSO networks vary in the formality of their structures, from very loose and informal networks, to formal and hierarchical ones. This report argues that there is no linear network development model and that informal structures can be as effective as the formal one if it fits the purpose of the network and the level of interdependency of its members. Read the full report here.

Source: TACSO

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