USAID CSOSI 2015 Discussion: Civil Society in Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Thriving, or Just Surviving?

Launch of the New Croatian Strategy 2017-2021 Development: First Meeting of the Working Group
October 14, 2016
Survey of Trends Affecting Civic Space: 2015-16
October 14, 2016

In some of the countries of the former communist world, it has become more difficult for civil society to operate freely, while in others, civil society plays a strong role promoting reform and responding to regional challenges. These are just some of the divergent trends identified in USAID’s 2015 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI*), which assesses the health of the civil society sector against key indicators in 24 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Practitioners and scholars discussed these trends, what it means for civil society leaders and activists in these countries, and what can be done to put civil society in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia on a more secure and sustainable path. The full debate is online and you can watch it here.

Source: USAID

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