Western Balkans Quarterly – Quarter 1 • January–March 2016

CfA: Second High Level Meeting – November 28 to December 1 Nairobi, Kenya (Deadline: 01.08.2016)
August 1, 2016
3 Reports to Read Right Now on the Sustainable Development Goals
August 1, 2016

The Western Balkans Risk Analysis Network (WB-RAN) performs monthly exchanges of statistical data and information on the most recent irregular migration developments affecting the region. This information is compiled at Frontex Risk Analysis Unit (RAU) level and analyzed in cooperation with the regional partners on a quarterly and annual basis. The annual reports offer a more in-depth analysis of the developments and phenomena, which affect the regional and common borders, while the quarterly reports are meant to provide regular updates and identify emerging trends in order to maintain situational awareness. The publication is available here.
Source: Frontex

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