Enabling Environment For Civil Society Development In Enlargement Countries Country Reports 2015

Comparative Study of the Enabling Environment for Associations and Businesses (in Macedonian language)
June 14, 2016
MM Country Report 2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina Presented
June 30, 2016

The Monitoring Matrix 2015 Reports on Enabling Environment (EE) for Civil Society Development (CSDev) for all seven countries are now available. The reports present the developments in EE in 2015, outlining the key conclusions and recommendations for improvement. After publishing the baseline reports in 2013 and 2014, the 2015 reports are focused on presenting situation under 24 standards for each country. This enables an in-depth presentation of the situation with the intention to enable analysis and concrete recommendations for this to be addressed by public institutions, donors, civil society and other stakeholders.  The reports allow both for in-country and between country comparison. For more information on all reports, their national presentations and the trends in the EE in Enlargement countries visit  www.monitoringmatrix.net

In addition to in-depth and qualitative monitoring, the 2015 monitoring results are also presented in 5-grade scale “traffic light” codes . This for the first time enables easy and visual presentation of the enabling environment situation in each of the specific Monitoring Matrix dimensions (standards) over time and across countries. The second novelty introduced, includes assessments against the EU Guidelines for Support to Civil Society in Enlargement Countries benchmarks and targets, which enables the Monitoring Matrix results to directly feed into the Guidelines monitoring exercise.

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