MCIC Government Mirror: Public Participation in the Law-Making Processes in Macedonia

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June 3, 2016
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June 10, 2016

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) published the third edition of the Government Mirror – report on monitoring the legal framework and public participation in the processes of law-making in Macedonia. The publication is a tool that should serve CSOs, public officials and the general public to get informed of the openness of state bodies and increase their knowledge in law drafting processes.

Despite the established legal framework, the participation of the CSOs in the processes of law making is still an issue, as noted in the European Commission report on Macedonia for 2015. As regress has been noted, continuous work on improving opportunities for public involvement in order to create high-quality draft laws and further implementation is necessary, in order to gain public trust that would further legitimize the decision-making process and Government. According to the report findings, the openness of the institutions has decreased since the 2014 report, no changes has been noted on the enabling environment for public participation in the law-drafting processes, and a downward trend in the openness of the processes of draft laws preparation has been noted.

The aim of this MCIC publication is to contribute to the participation of civil society in the preparation and implementation of public policies, by establishing and implementing a model for monitoring the process of drafting laws and the effectiveness of the mechanisms provided for the participation of the general public.

The report is available in native language here.

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