Consolidating and Revitalizing Enlargement: Further Insights from MAXCAP

Challenging the Closing Space for Civil Society: A Practical Starting Point for Funders
May 31, 2016
BCSDN Study on Economic Value of CSOs in WBT Now Available in Albanian
May 31, 2016

Over the past three years, MAXCAP has analyzed the internal and external integration capacity of the EU in relation to the 2004 and 2007 enlargements. This policy brief identifies three sets of findings on the state of EU integration capacity and general policy recommendations. First, internal integration capacity has proven strong at the organizational level of the EU. Second, and at the same time, political and economic cohesion and convergence at the level of member states (and beyond) has been more limited and unbalanced. Third, external integration capacity has weakened. The focus of the policy brief is to describe which EU strategies and policies have worked well and less well in the past (or have had unintended effects) – and should either be maintained, applied more broadly, or reconsidered. It is an important caveat that can generally not be claimed with confidence that policies, which worked in one context, will also work in another context – or that untried policies will work better than failed policies. This report aims to point to issues and areas, in which policy reform is needed. The brief is available for download here.
Source: MAXCAP

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