Civil Society Initiative in Croatia: “Gledaj (U)druge”

Montenegro: Call for the Interested Public to Contribute to the Public Consultations on Two Draft Regulations
May 31, 2016
UN High Commissioner’s Report on the Enabling Environment for Civil Society
May 31, 2016

The initiative “Gledaj (U)druge” is a result of the raised awareness of the public regarding the importance of the work of civil society organizations, but also as a response to the recent announcement for decreasing the financial support for CSOs’ projects and programmes. The aim is to present to the public the numbers, strength, motivation and persistence of the CSOs in making positive changes in society and improving the quality of life in the communities. Furthermore, this campaign intends to stress the fact that a great number of citizens is somehow related to the CSOs, directly or indirectly, through membership, volunteering, or using their services and activities. Currently there are 99 CSOs taking part, which all together have registered more than 740 projects during 2015. All other interested organizations are also invited to register on the website. More information is available here.
Source: Program JAKO

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