Regional Conference on Monitoring of the EU Civil Society Guidelines: Preparing Input for the EC Progress Report 2016 on Civil Society Development

Availability of Public Funding of Civil Society in the WBT region
April 28, 2016
ICSW 2016: Active Citizens – Accountable Actions
April 28, 2016

On 27-28 April, TACSO held the Regional Conference “Monitoring of the EU Guidelines for the Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement Countries, 2014-2020 – Year 2” in Skopje, Macedonia. The conference gathered more than 80 participants among which representatives of EC Brussels, TACSO, SIPU International, media, and representatives of state institutions and CSOs from the Western Balkans and Turkey, among which BCSDN EO representatives along with colleagues from BCSDN’s members PA, KCSF, MCIC, CRNVO, Civic Initiatives and TUSEV. The aim of the conference was to serve as a platform for collecting input from all stakeholders for the 2016 Progress Reports on the part of civil society state of affairs in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Centre of Thematic Expertise (COTE) representatives provided guidelines so that each national delegation structures its input in a standardized manner, revolving around three thematic areas – basic legal guarantees of freedoms, CSOs – State institutions cooperation, and CSO sustainability, which overlap with the areas that constitute the Monitoring Matrix developed by BCSDN in cooperation with ECNL. In addition, sessions were devoted to introducing the monitoring system vis-à-vis EU CS Guidelines developed by TACSO, as well as on overview of the state of affairs in the enlargement countries. More information is available here.
Source: BCSDN

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