8th Annual Council Meeting Setting BCSDN’s Strategic Outlook for 2017-2020

EU/CoE Joint Initiative to Assist Western Balkans and Turkey in Addressing Rule of Law and Human Rights Challenges
April 15, 2016
MCIC: Availability of Public Funds to CSOs – A Challenge throughout the whole WBT Region
April 20, 2016

BCSDN’s 8th Annual Council Meeting took place on 19th April, 2016 in Skopje, with Macedonian Center for Internation Cooperation (MCIC) being the host. Representatives of 12 member organizations joined together to discuss the activities of the network in the past year, approving the Annual and Audit Report 2015, and to discuss the activities planned for the upcoming period, adoping the Annual Plan for 2016. The ACM welcomed in the network a new member from Romania – Civil Society Development Foundation (FDSC). The main aim of the ACM was to discuss and adopt the BCSDN Strategy for 2017-2020. The content and rationale behind the EO-drafted Strategic Outlook was initially presented, and in working groups the members discussed action plans on how to implement the network’s objectives in terms of fundraising, concrete activities, modalities of members’ involvement etc.

Preceeding the ACM was the Board Meeting, which took place on 18th April. With the stepping down of Venera Hajrullahu (KCSF) as a Chair and Board member and Tina Divjak as Vice-chair, the Board elected Ana Novakovic (CRNVO) as acting Chair and Dubravka Velat (Civic Initiatives) as acting Vice-chair till the next Board elections that will be organized in 2017, when the Board mandate is ending. The Board discussed the network’s achievements for 2015 and relevant internal issues for strengthening the network.

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