Montenegro: EUD Consultations with CSOs for the Preparation of the Next Progress Report

Civic Charter – The Global Framework for People’s Participation – Open for Feedback
April 15, 2016
Macedonia: MCIC Retrospective on the Environment CSOs Worked in during 2015
April 15, 2016

As the European Commission is about to commence with the 2016 Enlargement Package, which will be adopted in November, the EU Delegation (EUD) to Montenegro has open consultations for all interested parties. Contributors are kindly asked to send a written input in the area of their expertise and which is covered with the Report no later than April 18th, 2016. The focus should be on facts occurred and actual measures adopted as of 1st September, 2015. The consultations will be followed by a meeting on April 20th, 2016 whereby issues concerning the interested public will be discussed. More information is available here.
Source: CRNVO

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