Montenegro: Database of CSO Representatives in the State Working Groups to Increase Transparency and Civic Participation in Policy-Making

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March 23, 2016
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April 15, 2016

CRNVO has presented a database of CSO representatives in the working groups and other working bodies formed by the state administration in accordance with the Regulation on the procedure for cooperation between the state institutions and CSOs. This database, developed together with the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs in Montenegro, contains all relevant information for the process of selection of CSO representatives in these bodies, as a step towards ensuring full transparency of the process. It aims to encourage communication between CSO representatives organizations who are members of the working groups and other CSOs and citizens who are interested not only to receive timely information on the respective stages and the results of the working groups, but also who are interested to provide comments and recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their work and the design of public policies. The database is available here.
Source: CRNVO

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