Albania Monitoring Matrix Report 2015: Setting the Institutional Fundamentals, but Some Basics Need to be Addressed Too

Update on Key Data on Civil Society in Croatia
March 15, 2016
Serbia: Rule of Law in Trouble, in the Grip between Norms and Implementation
March 15, 2016

According to Partners Albania’s findings from the monitoring of the legal and practical environment in which civil society in Albania operated in 2015, in general, the legal framework governing establishment and functioning of CSOs is regulated in most of its aspects. However, it still presents some problematic issues in terms of centralization of registration/re-registration process and the taxation for CSOs. The level of public funding has not changed significantly during 2015. Public funding is considered insufficient by the CSOs for their institutional development and financial sustainability. The Law on the Establishment and Functioning of the National Council on Civil Society and the Road Map for Drafting Policy and Measures for Enabling Environment to Civil Society are two positive developments for the sector and the state has institutionalised the recognition of the importance of the development of and cooperation with the sector. Problematic remains the effective participation of CSOs in law and policy making processes. The full report is available here.
Source: Partners Albania

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