CNVOS: Updated CSO Statistics in Slovenia

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As of 31st of January 2016, in Slovenia were registered 26.931 civil society organisations, of which 23.795 associations, 2.876 (private) institutions and 260 institutions. This is 36 more than on 31st of December 2015, when there were 26.895, of which 23.778 associations, 2.857 (private) institutions and 260 institutions. In recent years, the number of CSOs increases to around 530 per year. In September 2012, registered were 22.490 associations, 2.324 (private) institutions and 251 institutions.

All registered CSO’s are not necessarily also active. In accordance with the established practice, for active are considered those whose annual reports are published at the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) and are on average around 5% less than the number of registered ones. Information about the active CSOs are only accessible for previous years, available to be scheduled each September, when AJPES prepares summary data on the annual reports. Active associations, institutions and organizations in 2014, were more than 25.300.Data on the associations also include information on the subsidiaries of the associations and of the youth councils. Data is exempt from the associations, institutions and the institutions established by the Republic of Slovenia or municipalities.

The number of CSOs in recent years is steadily growing, with the fastest growing number of institutions (in 2014 by 11.3%), while the slowest is the growing of the number of associations (in 2014 only 2.6%). A common index of the annual growth in the number of civil society organisations in 2014 was 3.5%. By far the largest share among all CSOs belong to associations, which are 89,0%. The least – this is just 0.9% – belongs to institutions, while (private) institutions are 10.1%. In the past five years the share of institutions has increased the most, unlike the situation in 2009, when institutions were less than 7% of all CSOs.

More information (in Slovenian) is available here.

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