CRNVO: Montenegrin CSOs Do Not Need Help, Rather Recognition of their Work

Volunteering and Legislative Framework in Western Balkans: Good Practices and EU Standards
February 15, 2016
Debate in Croatia: In the Name of Freedom of Speech
February 15, 2016

CRNVO has, once again, stressed the necessity to urgently create a new system of financing of CSO projects from the state budget, which is envisaged with the changes of the law on CSOs. CRNVO analysed the process of distribution of funds from games of chance and in this regard expresses concern about how are the CSO projects being evaluated, as well as the results of the competition itself, which shows that the Commission has not made a single qualitative shift in the funds allocation process, as previously announced. CRNVO representatives argued that, in the same way as in the previous 7 years, the Law on games of chance has been continuously violated, in a way that CSO projects are being distributed a smaller amount than the one provided by the Law. They also say that the process of distribution of funds has been characterized with a delay in publication of the competitions’ calls, as well as distribution of funds to a very large number of organizations in very small amounts. More information (in Montenegrin) can be found here.
Source: CRNVO

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