Montenegro CSO Coalition: Legally Regulate the Procedures for Allocation of State Property to CSOs

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December 31, 2015
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January 27, 2016

The Montenegrin CSO Coalition By Cooperation to Goal (Saradnjom do Cilja) submitted the Draft Regulations of the Criteria, Standards and Procedures for Allocation of Montenegro State Property to CSOs, both to the Montenegrin Government and the Council for the Development of CSOs. The Coalition representatives emphasized that, throughout the years, numerous CSOs have been given state property to use, with or without compensation, yet without a clear legal basis, procedural transparency, open competition, criteria and without records on CSOs using state property. For that matter, the Coalition aims to initiate the regulation of this issue in the legal framework so as to encourage CSOs to promote their work and make further progress. Additionally, the Coalition will propose similar documents to local governments regarding the same issue. For more information, click here.
Source: CDM

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