Serbia: New Law on Corporate Profit Tax Ensuring Equal Treatment of CSOs Providing Social Care

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November 30, 2015
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January 14, 2016

A new Law on Amendments to Corporate Profit Tax Law, adopted on 29th December, 2015, by parliament members in National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, now ensures the equal treatment of CSOs – social care service providers. This comes as a result of long advocacy efforts for legislative changes by CSOs in Serbia, led by Trag Foundation. Earlier legal solutions anticipated that only donations donated to social care institutions established in accordance with the law regulating social care are recognized as expenditures in taxpayer’s fiscal balance, but not donations to other subjects in social care, including donations to CSOs. The newly adopted Law on Amendments to Corporate Profit Tax Law ensures, among other things, that donations made not only to social care institutions but other social care service providers, are recognized as expenditure in the taxpayer’s fiscal balance. In this way, equal treatment is provided for corporate donations on the basis of social donations. As from now on, donations of legal entities made to CSOs – social care service providers, that are established and operate in accordance with the law regulating social care, will be recognized as tax expenditure. Based on this legal solution, new possibilities open for additional funding sources from legal entities for CSOs – social care service providers. More information is available here.
Source: Trag Fondacija 


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