Four Shades of Resilience

The Value of Giving: Volunteering and Well-Being
December 30, 2015
Eroding Freedoms: Media and Soft Censorship in Montenegro
December 30, 2015

Perhaps no quality captures more effectively the distinctive character of non-profit institutions and related voluntary citizen behaviour than the quality of resilience—the ability to withstand significant shifts in fortunes and challenges and find ways to persist in the pursuit of their missions. This past year has certainly demonstrated this quality of the non-profit and citizen sector over and over, from the sector’s role in responding to the refugee crisis triggered by the violence in Syria and Afghanistan, and the popular movements displaying solidarity in the face of terrorist attacks in places like Paris, California, and Beirut, or standing up for black lives in America’s inner cities; to the day-to-day struggles to improve the lives and prospects for people the world over. The Center for Civil Society Studies (CCSS) by the Johns Hopkins University has attempted to reflect this special quality of the sector first by calling attention to it, and second by modelling it themselves. Read more here.
Source: CCSS

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