TUSEV: Sharing Data on Enabling Environment in Turkey

CRNVO on Civil Society’s Inclusion in Public Policy Making and Implementation
October 1, 2015
Economic Value of the Non-Profit Sector in the Western Balkans and Turkey
November 30, 2015

14753tusev_TusevAtolyeTwitter1-3TUSEV has started a social media campaign under the brand name of “TUSEV Atolye (workshop)” with the aim of sharing data and information regarding CS enabling environment. The campaign has been outreaching to various stakeholders including CSO representatives, citizens, public officials, international donors, and international organizations, universities, and media. Under the hashtag ‪#‎TUSEVATOLYE‬, a set of data on civil society enabling environment including statistics, freedom of association, freedoms of assembly and expression, tax regulations, human resources of CSOs and CSO- Public sector relations are being shared.‬‬ Information produced and shared under TUSEV Atolye can be found, in Turkish language, at this link.

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