CRNVO on Civil Society’s Inclusion in Public Policy Making and Implementation

BCSDN Working on Strengthening and Sharing Experience on Monitoring the Enabling Environment in Enlargement Countries
September 28, 2015
TUSEV: Sharing Data on Enabling Environment in Turkey
October 15, 2015

crnvo-cd-kreir-javni-polit-coverA report titled “Civil society in the design and implementation of public policies” contains results of the five-month research conducted by CRNVO in order to monitor the implementation of the Regulation on the procedures for cooperation between the government and civil society and the Regulation on the procedure and manner of conducting public consultations for preparation of laws. The research shows that there is insufficient and inconsistent application of the regulations, i.e. lack of transparency in public administration bodies, partial but not satisfactory cooperation of the state administration with CSOs, and insufficient participation of civil society in the creation and implementation of public policies on national level. A worrying fact is that officials in public administration often do not understand the rules to be implemented, leading to their misapplication and confusion with other procedures. The full report is available here.

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