Working Group on Standardization and Categorization of Monitoring Matrix Country Reports

The Monitoring Matrix Inspiration for Civil Society Platforms around the World
June 19, 2015
MCIC Government Mirror: 65 Draft Laws under Parliament Discussion without Being Published for Public Consultation
September 4, 2015

On 15th of July, in Skopje, the BCSDN working group has met in the premises of the Executive Office to discuss the necessity and ways to standardize the monitoring on enabling environment for CSDev in the countries from the Western Balkans and Turkey based on the Monitoring Matrix Tool-kit. The working group discussed the results and methodological challenges which appeared from the implementation of the proposal on coding and categorization of the monitoring matrix country reports from 2013 and 2014.

This proposal aims to bring more effective communication of monitoring results through visualizations of trends on the level of Monitoring Matrix standards for each country included. The working group agreed on further steps towards finalizing the coding and categorization proposal from methodological perspective, and measures to be taken in direction of standardizing the data gathering process to be implemented during the 2015 monitoring exercise.

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