BCSDN Shares Experiences on Regional Networking

The EU in a Changing Global Environment: What Next for Europe’s Neighbours?
July 15, 2015
Working Group on Standardization and Categorization of Monitoring Matrix Country Reports
July 21, 2015

BCSDN has been involved in a regional meeting with organizations from South East Europe that deal with drug policy and harm reduction, by sharing experiences and knowledge on registration of a network in the region, foundation, membership procedures, joint advocacy examples etc. The meeting held in Novi Sad on the 7th of July served as first step to lead the partner organizations from informal drug policy network in South Eastern Europe to a formal umbrella organization. Ilina Nesik, BCSDN programme manager, presented BCSDN firsthand experience and participated in the strategic planning of the network to be registered by the end of this year as South East European Drug Policy Network.

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