Guide to Potential Domestic and Foreign Sources of Funding in Serbia for 2015

UN Special Rapporteur Factsheet: Civil Society’s Ability to Access Resources
June 1, 2015
Norms over Forms: Civil Society Development in the Enlargement Process Debated in the EP
June 5, 2015

The 12th edition of the Guide for potential domestic and foreign sources of funding, prepared by Civic Initiatives in cooperation with 3 Government bodies (SIPRU, GOfCSO, SEIO), gathers in one place all the information on available calls and funding by international and national donors, as well as state institutions. Users of these funds can be CSOs, municipalities, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals. The intention of the authors of the Guide is creating a comprehensive base of information on funding opportunities for different activities that will contribute to the democratization of society and greater participation of citizens, as well as will encourage cooperation between different actors in society. The Guide is available here.


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