Cenzura Plus Organizing a Conference on Citizen’s Participation in Political Processes and Decision-Making

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April 23, 2015
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On 29th and 30th April in Split, Cenzura Plus is organizing an international conference entitled: „Citizen Participation in political processes and decision-making“ – Mechanisms and tools for participation. The Conference will tackle citizens’ participation issues and especially its role in policy development and policy implementation with focus on successful principles, tools, processes, stories etc. of citizens participation at all levels.

Target groups of the Conference are civil society (mainly representatives of CSOs and citizens initiatives) and public authorities, as Cenzura Plus will offer them information about the citizens’ participation benefits for the community through concrete examples from EU countries (Austria and Germany), but also from Croatia and Montenegro. Special part of the Conference will be about European Citizens Initiative and analyses of different methodologies for greater citizens’ participation that will be useful for practitioners for future work (both CSOs and public authorities) and as platform for preparation of the Standards of Citizens Participation.

More than 60 representatives of civil society organizations and public authorities from the EU countries and Western Balkan are expected to participate in the discussion and contribute to development of joint conclusions for future successful work of citizens’ participation.

For participation, please register by Monday 27th April, 2015, via emailcenzuraplus@cenzura.hr. More information is available here.

This activity is part of Cenzura Plus’s project called “Learn about your benefits from Active European Citizenship” financed by the EU under the Europe for Citizens Programme, and cofinanced by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

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