CRNVO: There is no Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Montenegro

MCIC: CSOs in Macedonia Operate in a Relatively Enabling Environment
April 10, 2015
Limited State Support and Gov-CSO Cooperation in Enlargement Countries: Main Focus of the EE Workshop in Tirana
April 21, 2015

Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CRNVO) presented the Report on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development for the year 2014. The report, as in previous year, analyzed the state of the legal, regulatory and financial environment in which CSOs operate. It also monitored practical implementation of the legislative frameworks and the work of competent institutions related to CSOs.

The report highlighted unfavorable conditions for CSOs work in Montenegro especially when compared with European and international standards. Special concerns were raised regarding the pressures CSOs activists are exposed to, particularly for expressing critical opinion directed towards the government. The executive director of CRNVO, Ana Novakovic, indicated that due to the lack of official data on the number of employees and volunteers engaged with CSOs, the contribution of the civil society sector to society is difficult to determine. She additionally pointed that the practice of volunteerism, one of the main characteristics of CSOs, is being limited with the new law on volunteerism.

More information on the Report is available here.

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