Call for Proposals: Balkan Public Policy Fund (Deadline 10.05.2015)

MCIC: CSOs in Macedonia Operate in a Relatively Enabling Environment
April 10, 2015
CNVOS: Fiscal Cash-Registers should not Be Mandatory for CSOs with Small Sales Revenues
April 15, 2015

call-for-proposalsBCSDN and its members announce the third Call for Proposals for organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia to develop policy or advocacy proposals, this time within the scope of the IPA FPA Balkan Civil Society Acquis – Strengthening the Monitoring and Advocacy Capacities and Potential of CSOs. The specific objective is to contribute to the capacity building of CSOs in IPA countries in monitoring and advocating on civil society-related policies covered by the Monitoring Matrix areas or the Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement Countries, 2014-2020.

The selected topics per country are:


  1. Sub-area 2.2  – Transparency and integrity of state funding for CSOs
  2. Sub-area 3.2 – Meaningful involvement of civil society in preparations for EU accession negotiations
  3. General: Donors strategies to local civil society development vs. funding actions”

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

  1. Sub-area 3.1 – Campaign for establishing functional mechanisms of cooperation between government and CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Sub-area 2.2 – Campaign for transparent system of state funding for CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  1. Sub-area 3.3 – Legal barriers and opportunities for CSOs to obtain state contracts and its implementation
  2. Sub-area – 2.3 CSO treatment within Labor legislation and employment programs in Kosovo


  1. Sub-area 3.3 Supportive environment for CSOs involvement in service provision
  2. Sub-area 2.3 State policies and the legal environment for employment in CSOs


  1. Sub-area 2.2 Towards general reform of the public financing system for CSOs in Montenegro
  2. Sub-area 2.3 Establishing records about work and operations of CSOs in Montenegro


  1. Sub-area 2.2 Transparent funding in Serbia- The need for diversification of budget line 481
  2. Sub-area 2.2 Transparent funding in Serbia – Monitoring and evaluation of awarded
  3. Sub-area 3.2 Developing a mechanism for direct, meaningful and timely inclusion of CSOs in decision-making processes
  4. Sub-area 1.2 Implementation of independent institutions recommendations regarding freedom of assembly, expression and informing by the public administration

CSOs registered in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro or Serbia are invited to apply. The maximum grant amount allocated will be EUR 3.000 (100%, no co-financing), 2 grants will be awarded per country, and the grants will be administrated by BCSDN members in the respective countries. All interested organizations should send a CV (in English language), Project proposal and Budget to

The full Call for Proposals is available for download here.

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