75 CSOs Demand Changes in the 2nd Draft Decision on the Macedonian Civil Society Council

Legitimacy and Representativeness of the Macedonian Civil Society Council under Question
February 3, 2015
MCIC: Report on the Implementation of the Strategy for Cooperation between the Government and Civil Society in Macedonia (Jun 2012 – Dec 2014)
March 23, 2015

On 11th February, the official letter demanding changes in the draft decision on the Council for Cooperation between the Government and the Civil Society was delivered to the General Secretary of the Government of Republic of Macedonia Mr. Kiril Bozinovski and the Unit for Cooperation with NGOs. The letter explicitly demands changes in the 2nd version of the daft decision (January 2015), or more concretely, a procedure where civil society organizations can elect their representatives in the Council directly and by public vote (as it stands in Art.8 of the 1th draft decision), and the president to be elected by the Council and not by the Government.

The official letter with demands is supported by 75 organizations, among which: associations of citizens and foundations working in various fields, coalitions of citizen associations and the international Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) who brings together 76 national associations who struggle for the development of civil society across many countries in the world.

The text of the official letter with the complete list of organizations that supported the initiative (in alphabetical order) can be found here (in Macedonian language).

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