Civil Society Advocacy Resulted with Improvements of the Fiscal Legislation for NPOs in Albania

BCSDN’s Monitoring Matrix Country Reports Will Address Indicators from the Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in Enlargement Countries
January 23, 2015
Legitimacy and Representativeness of the Macedonian Civil Society Council under Question
February 3, 2015

The last Council of Ministers decision regarding Added Value Tax (VAT) (in line with the VAT Law nr. 92/2014) introduced a series of important changes with regard to VAT for the economic activity of non-for-profits. The changes come as result of a long-standing effort over the years, and part of the platform the sector discussed and agreed with the government at the conference of December 2013. Improvement of the fiscal regime for the non-for-profits is part of what Partners Albania, with the support and participation of the Task Force for the enabling environment for civil society, has had in focus in the last year among other issues. Partners Albania is working to prepare an analysis of the last fiscal changes in the legal framework affecting the NPO sector, helping the sector to better understand, implement and take advantage of these changes. In a nutshell, the changes bring the clarity which has been missing in the last decade by creating lots of ambiguity especially with regard to economic activity of non-for profits. Read more here.

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