CNVOS Published a Comprehensive Analysis of Public Funding of Slovenian CSOs

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September 15, 2014
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September 23, 2014

During the summer of 2014, CNVOS conducted the most extensive analysis of public financing of CSOs so far. From the State Treasury data of over 19 million public financial transactions in the last ten years, CNVOS extracted those transactions where the recipients were civil society organizations. Furthermore, they examined the funding of CSOs by individual ministries and in all 212 municipalities separately, as well as the percentage of the pie of public funds that was received by CSOs with public benefit status.

The analysis was done by comparing the data of the State Treasury on all public transactions in the last ten years (collected by the Commission for Prevention of Corruption) with the data of all CSOs, and by analyzing the level of public funding of CSOs in the period 2003 to 2013. The data showed that CSOS in 2003 received 147.9 million euros in public funds, and double more in 2013, namely 317,6 million.

The report also includes an analysis of which budget users devoted the most resources to CSOs. In 2003, all ministries together spent 34.8 million euros to CSOs, while in 2013, it reached 98.8 million euros. Most funds NGOs in 2013 were allocated the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport; and just over 65.3 million euros, which represents more than 66% of all public funds. A more detailed analysis of funding by ministries also showed that the amount of funds is not necessarily proportional to the number of funded NGOs. In addition, the analysis showed that CSOs received more funds by the municipal budgets than by the ministries. Public funds represent slightly less than 40% of the total revenues of Slovenian civil society sector. Over 60% of them come from other sources such as donations, membership fees and economic activities. That proportion of public funds within all CSO revenue is comparable to the average of EU countries, which is 44.6%.

A full analysis (in local language) of the amount of public funding of civil society organizations in Slovenia in the years 2003-2013 is available here.

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