Croatian Monitoring Matrix Report: The Need to Tackle Problems in a Structural Way

BiH Country Report Presentation: The Monitoring Matrix Can Guide the Needed Change for Civil Society in BiH
March 28, 2014
Civic Initiatives Launches First Monitoring Matrix Country Report on the Enabling Environment for CSDev
April 4, 2014

On the 26th of March, the Croatian Country Monitoring Matrix Report outlining key findings and recommendation on the enabling environment for CSDev was presented in Zagreb in front of 28 participants. The presentation, led by BCSDN member CenzuraPlus and their Croatian in-country partner, pointed to the main problems such as the discrepancy between the number of registered organizations and those registered at the Ministry of Finance coupled with a stereotype presentation of public funds disbursed to CSOs. These issues has led to misconceptions by the public about the real status and size of civil society and the problems related to the lack of capacity of public administration to cooperate with civil society. This is especially true in the domain of efficient management of EU funds.

The panel, consisting of Igor Vidacak (Office for Cooperation with Civil Society), Igor Roginek (ACT), Zeljana Buntic-Pejakovic (CenzuraPlus), Zorislav Antun Petrovic (Kultura i etika) and Tanja Hafner Ademi (BCSDN), concluded that the problems are of a structural nature and are to a great extent the result of a 20-year long big investment in CSDev, while little investment in public administration. Finally, the panel also confirmed Croatia has a lot of research and data available in the area of the enabling environment for CSDev and thus a differentiated approach via developing a self-assessment mechanism based on the Monitoring Matrix should be considered. Croatia Country Report is available here.

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