CPCD Call for the Development and Delivery of Training Programs Under the CSSP in BiH

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March 6, 2014
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March 12, 2014

CPCD has launched a call for proposals for the development and delivery of training programs under the Civil Society Sustainability Project (CSSP) in BiH. The main goal of the CSSP in BiH is to strengthen and sustain the capacity of civil society in BiH to influence and oversee the development and implementation of government policy-making processes, with the broader goal of increasing its long-term sustainability. The CSSP will assist selected 10-12 core CSO partners to: 1) partner with a wide array of stakeholders from business, government, media sectors; 2) strengthen their internal capacities and organizational structures to ensure sustainability and financial viability; and 3) increase engagement in policy development and government monitoring and oversight of key structural, political, social and economic reforms essential for EU integration.

The CSSP Management Team is looking for nationally and international recognized consulting/training firms and/or independent trainers (free-lancers) to conduct 2 two days advanced training workshops on: 1) Stakeholder Management , and 2) Building and Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Networks.

The training workshops will be held in to last weeks of April, 2014, with participation of 24 representatives of 10-12 local CSOs. Precise timeschedule and place of tranings will be agreed with selected trainer(s).

The proposal should be sent no later than March 19 (Wednesday), 2014 by email to: milan.mrdja@cpcd.ba , to the attention of CSSP CSO Capacity Building Manager with the subject heading: Trainer proposal RFP No.: 35-SA/2014 – Development and Delivery of Training Services. Should you have any questions regarding this RFP Request for Proposals, please send an email to the same email address.

A letter of Invitation and Terms of Reference for this call can be downloaded for more detailed information.

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