Kick Off Event Held in Sarajevo Dedicated to the Presentation of the Monitoring Matrix

BCSDN Monitoring Matrix for CSDev Reflected in the DG Enlargement Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in Enlargement Countries
April 29, 2013
TUSEV Holds Consultation Meeting on the BCSDN Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for CSDev
July 22, 2013

The Civil Society Promotion Center (CPCD) organized in Sarajevo kick-off event on the 14th of May, under the title: Monitoring matrix on enabling environment for civil society development. The event was attended by 30 participants, representatives of civil society organizations (22), government officials (4), and representatives from donors and international organizations (4). Participants were introduced to the overall BCSDN regional project as well as to the project activities which will be implemented in BiH. Special focus was put on the presentation of the basic and main characteristics of the Matrix.Mostly at the kick-off event’s comments and suggestions came from the representatives of civil society organizations. General attitude towards the project and matrix was very positive and welcomed by all participants. A couple of dilemmas were raised as whether the matrix could be used as a monitoring tool only on national or other lower levels of authorities (entity, cantonal and municipal/district Brčko level). This issue is specific for BiH taking into account its complex and complicated constitutional arrangement, which is to be further clarified in the process of applying this new monitoring instrument within the project implementation. Participants also emphasized the importance of qualitative indicators included in the Matrix. The second area of the matrix that treats financial sustainability was suggested to be further clarified from the point of view of economic activities of CSOs and tax treatment of CSOs.

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