CSOs Working Group on the Draft Law on the Collection of Aid in Turkey Releases Initial Opinion

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May 10, 2013
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May 14, 2013

On 19 April, the Department of Associations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Turkey published the “Draft Law on Collection of Aid”. The draft law is a revision of the Law on Collection of Aid and includes changes related to the scope of the Associations Law and Civil Code. The draft Law also makes provisions for the establishment of a Council of Civil Society and a Committee of Civil Society as well as important regulations on the establishment of a General Directorate for Civil Society Organizations within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The draft law therefore proposes comprehensive changes to the Law on Collection of Aid and it will have a significant impact on civil society in Turkey. Furthermore the newest draft has created a very small window for civil society to express their views regarding the proposed amendments with the deadline set at 17 May, 2013. In its initial opinions BCSDNs member TUSEV’s CSOs Working Group on the Draft Law on Collection of Aid has expressed concerns regarding the new draft law calling for better inclusion of civil society, better and transparent sharing of comments and opinions on the draft law with the public, and an extension of the consultation deadline. The Working Group will publish an official position paper regarding the draft law later this week. For more information, visit TUSEV website.

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