Partners Albania Launches National Competition on Green Ideas 2013

IPA Framework Partnership Agreements – Kick Off Conference, Brussels
January 31, 2013
Croatian Accession to the EU and the Role of Civil Society – Transfer of Experiences to Macedonia
February 13, 2013

Through a competitive process, “Call for Green Ideas 2013” competition aims that civil society organizations, social enterprises and small business ventures in country to be involved in identification, selection, prioritization and to support innovative green ideas. Criteria for the applying idea are: It’s a green idea in embryonic phase or in the initial phase of implementation; The project idea aims the sustainable development of environment through creation of job opportunities and/or higher income; The project idea is in line with the main activity of the entity which applies; The project idea is less than two years old and has an annual turnover not higher than 3.000.000 ALL (approx. 30,000 USD); The project idea is entirely based on use of local resources; The project idea is based on a detailed business plan and is environment friendly; The project idea mobilizes the work and expertise of local recourses and makes use of their traditional abilities; The project idea has a plan on how to grow the activity; The applying entity must show that has information or has performed an evaluation of local market showing the existing need; knows its competitors` and its idea presents competitive advantages and The project idea will support revitalization of traditional local economies and link among people and community. The grant will support green project ideas for no longer than one year and with maximum funding of no more than 1.000.000 ALL. The deadline for sending applications is 17 March 2013 and more information is available here.

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