EU Accession: What is the role (if any) for CSOs?

IPA CSF Programming Committee Meeting Held in Brussels
December 28, 2012
EYC2013 Alliance: Focus on Citizenship, Identity and Agenda Developing
January 31, 2013

BCSDN together with Cenzura Plus- Croatia and European Policy Institute-EPI organized workshop named „Accession to EU: What is the role (if any) for CSOs?” The workshop took place on Wednesday (16th January) in Skopje. With around one hundred participants coming from different CSOs, around 15 speakers and panellist, and excellent media coverage, this workshop provided in deep debate on the Negotiation process of the EU Accession and EU’s Structural Finds as well as concrete recommendations for joint action of CSOs and other relevant stakeholders. In the lights of the EU perspective of the country, there were a fruitful discussion about the Active involvement of CSOs in the Negotiations for EU Accession, and the use of EU (Structural) Funds. One of the main conclusions was that common action and one voice is the way for CSOs to be heard and be involved in this process. As a follow up of the event a joint declaration was announced to gather CSOs around this agenda in the upcoming period.

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