E-mail Alerts Service to Civil Society in the Balkan Region – Survey Results Analysis

BCSDN Position: Next Phase of TACSO Should be Led by Local CSOs
November 27, 2012
EYC2013 Alliance: Focus on National Level and Working Agenda Developing
December 20, 2012

In order the E-mail Alerts to be adapted to the changing environment in the civil society sector and to respond to the needs of CSOs, a new survey was conducted in November 2012. 76.9% of the respondents were CSOs representatives, 7.7% donors, 5.8% state officials and 9.6% individuals interested in the work of BCSDN, development partners, projects, and research organizations. The E-mail Alerts Survey clearly shows the support of the readers to the service. The general conclusion is that the EMA satisfy the expectations, especially in terms of content; the majority of respondents supports the alerts as they are now and find them useful. A few thematic suggestions were given and BCSDN commits to integrate more articles on these topics. With regards to the technical improvements that BCSDN is about to undertake until the end of 2012, those will be related to more easy to read format, making no major changes as the survey results suggest. The technical solutions to the listed suggestions are going to be discussed with the IT experts in order to respond to the demands and the needs of those who read and use this service. The Survey analysis and the general conclusions are available here. BCSDN strongly appreciates the contributions and input from all subscribers which have completed the Survey and commits to further development of this service in order to provide better as well as more easily accessible information to all interested parties.

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