3rd Expert Meeting for the Monitoring Matrix

Video Report of the Draft Monitoring Matrix for CSDev Presented at the EU Workshop
July 24, 2012
Draft Monitoring Matrix Brings Framework for Consolidating Development of CSDev in the Western Balkans and Turkey
October 2, 2012

IMG_1001The 3rd Expert meeting on the Monitoring Matrix took place on 31 August 2012 in Skopje. The meeting brought together 7 experts from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia and Bulgaria, to discuss the further development of the Monitoring Matrix for Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev). The Experts revised the Matrix at the level of areas, standards and arrived at a consensus basis for the finalization of the document.  Furthermore, they discussed the proposals and the open dilemmas and worked on revision of indicators. They agreed that the available regional meetings and seminars should be used to consult the matrix with CSOs, Government representatives and other stakeholders. The meeting is part of the project “Cross-Sector Regional Partnership for Enabling Legal Environment for CSDev” supported by USAID and ICNL under the Legal Innovation Fund.

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