Setting Common Standards for Civil Society Development: Second Expert Meeting for the Monitoring Matrix

1st Matrix for Monitoring of the Enabling Environment for CSDev Publicly Presented
May 31, 2012
Video Report of the Draft Monitoring Matrix for CSDev Presented at the EU Workshop
July 24, 2012

IMG_0357On 5 July 2012, BCSDN organized the 2nd official Working Group Meeting, gathering 10 experts from the Western Balkans and Turkey together with BCSDN and ECNL staff. The aim of the Meeting was to further develop Monitoring Matrix for Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev). The meeting is part of the project “Cross-Sector Regional Partnership for Enabling Legal Environment for CSDev” supported by USAID and ICNL under the Legal Innovation Fund. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss further steps for the Matrix’s development, the added value of the initiative, the finalization of the priorities/standards and the development of indicators for the Matrix. Once developed, the Matrix will serve as a shadow-monitoring tool for CSOs; monitoring tool for the EC; and self-assessment tool for the Government for regular following of the progress in the area as support and pressure mechanism.

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