1st Matrix for Monitoring of the Enabling Environment for CSDev Publicly Presented

Balkan CSO Embark on Developing a Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for CSDev
March 19, 2012
Setting Common Standards for Civil Society Development: Second Expert Meeting for the Monitoring Matrix
July 9, 2012

IMG_0043On 30 May 2012, BCSDN made the fisrt public presentation of the Matrix for Monitoring of the Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev). Hosted by the GMF Brussels office and supported by the BTD, the policy workshop brought together around 40 representatives of the DG Enlargement, European Parliament, EESC, RCC and CSO from Brussels, the Balkans and Turkey, to act upon and make suggestions for imporvement of the Matrix. The Matrix is developed by CSO experts/practitioners from 10 countries and supported by European Centre for Non-Profit Law (ECNL) and defines principles and standards/benchmarks in 7 areas: Basic and fiscal legislation, Government policy and institutional framework, CSO participation in decision-making, Funding, CSO involvement in provision of public services, Human resources and Trust. Basing on the received feedback, the Matrix is to be developed also through further targeted consultations with stakeholders. The matrix, which will serve as a monitoring mechanism for CSO, will also have a strong advocacy role in setting the optimum standards and promoting civil society as a value, rather than as issue of administrative capacity, as often happens with many governments in the Enlargement countries. A video report from the workshop will be available in the coming weeks. The presentation of the matrix is available here.

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