Civil Society and Stakeholders Bring Forward Their Concern at the OGP Meeting in Skopje

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March 22, 2012
Forum of Cross-border CSOs from Albania and Macedonia organized in Debar, Macedonia
March 26, 2012

On 21st March, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration presented the draft National Action Plan under the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative, which it joined in August 2011. The Action Plan is being prepared in the preparation for the global annual meeting taking place in Brazil on 17th-18th April. The meeting, which was opened by Mr. Ivo Ivanovski, Minister for Information Society and Administration, gathered representatives of line ministries, international organization supporting the government (World Bank, UNDP) and civil society. Save of the draft Action Plan, international experts presented OGP experience from other countries. The debate and comments on the Action Plan focused on: the need to make the Plan realistic, as access to public information is still a problem (68% ignorance of state institutions on citizen’s requests was reported by one participant), how to use this for boosting business (development of new applications) etc. The debate, however, mostly focused on added-value for business and open data solutions and less on the opportunities open data provide for citizens’ participation and engagement, as one of the funding principles of the Initiative. All stakeholders can still contribute to the Action Plan by submitting comments to the Ministry. Similar processes are/have been taking place in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and other countries, where the government has submitted the intent to join. More information on the OGP here.

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