MCIC Celebrates 18 Years

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December 16, 2011
Civic Initiatives Weekly Newsletter: 12-19 December 2011
December 22, 2011

MCIC celebrated 18 years since it was funded. The organization is one of the oldest and biggest civil society organizations in independent Macedonia, and its achievements can be measured in number of ways. In the 18 years, the organization has implemented 1544 projects, with total budget of 48.5 million Euros. The biggest part of the funds has been used for basic and emergency help (31%), while most of projects have been for civil society and democracy (36%). Most of the funds (71%) used for implementing projects have been from the Consortium for Macedonia (composed of agencies related to the World Church Council), own resources (12%), from EU and other government and inter-government agencies (12%), etc.

Since the beginning, MCIC has supported projects for water supply in 244 villages. It has realized 673 trainings through which were trained 13,429 representatives of the civil society, state administration, local government and business. In total, MCIC has published 110 publications; focusing in the last year in conduction and publishing researches that are aimed to contribute to augmented debate on the crucial issues in the Macedonian society. For several important issues MCIC has also carried out 10 campaigns, most of which are still alive in the memory of the public in Macedonia, and the values passes through the slogans such as “A Whole is When There is Everything”, “Don’t You FYROM Me!” are still contemporary.

This success was achieved with the contribution of 68 members of the managing bodies – with strong diversity on the basis of sex, religion and ethnicity; the leadership of the executive director Sasho Klekovski, through out most of this period; the 88 employed and the even bigger number of volunteers, partners, associates, suppliers and all other actors in the society.

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