TUSEV Monitoring Report 2011

Director of Serbian Governmental Office for Cooperation with Civil Society Visits BCSDN
October 17, 2011
Call for Proposals for Support from the Slovak – Balkan Public Policy Fund (Deadline 30.11.2011)
October 24, 2011

Civil society in Turkey is going through a rapid transformation with its civil society organisations emerging as important actors in Turkey’s development and democratisation agendas, while increasing in their numbers and impact. The dynamism of the civil society sector in Turkey has led TUSEV to monitor and assess it on a yearly basis starting from 2011.

Founded on the experience derived from TUSEV’s past research and monitoring projects, the report provide an in-depth analysis and recommendations under four main dimensions that are in line with TUSEV’s programme areas (civil society law reform, international relations, institutional capacity and research) and a core theme which is civil society-government relations. The report attached, the Executive Summary of the Findings and Recommendations of Civil Society Monitoring Report 2011, is the result of this effort. Here you can download the report.

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