Balkan Civic Practices #5- Guide to Civil Dialogue in the Balkans

Balkan Civic Practices #4- Media Relations-Guide for CSOs
December 23, 2007
On-The-Job Training
April 16, 2008

4797514E3004A345930421C67A2173B7The newest edition of Balkan Civic Practices carries the title “Guide to Civil Dialogue in the Balkans.” In 2000, the European Commission underlined the importance of cooperation of CSOs the Commission and the national governments in its communication “The Commission and NGOs: building a stronger partnership” in which it stated that NGOs can make an important contribution to the development of democracy and civil society in the candidate countries. This edition of Balkan Civic Practices for the first time explores the setting (legal and practices) of civil dialogue in Western Balkan countries. It also presents the experience in civil dialogue in Slovenia as a New Member State of the EU with relevant lesson learned for other acceding and candidate countries.

The guide is based on a training for development of civil dialogue organized by BCSDN in Novi Sad (04 –06 July, 2007) and Tirana(11 – 13 July, 2007), in the framework of the project “Partnership in Action – Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN)” supporter by the European Commission. The first part of the guide includes experience in the development of the main strategic documents of the Slovene CSO sector, its relationship with the Government and structures of CSO representation to various governmental bodies and committees. The second part offers an overview of the legal framework and different practice of interaction between CSOs, governments and administrators in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

The authors of the guide are Tina Michieli and Lidija Mesarič from Center for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS) from Slovenia. The guide is published by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), Skopje, Macedonia. The publication was prepared in partnership with Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO), Novi Sad, Serbia (translation and distribution in Serbia) and Diakonia Agapes (DA), Tirana, Albania (translation and distribution in Albania).

Balkan Civic Practices is a periodical publication of BCSDN and is published once to twice a year. Every issue contains articles on a focus theme and related topics, based on previously held seminar/workshop/training on the same topic. The selection of topics is done by the network. Additional to the English edition, the publication is available in three regional languages (Albanian , Serbian/Croatian , and Macedonian ). The publication has been produced with the financial support by the EC.

Hard copies in limited addition are available at the network Secretariat at:

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation

Nikola Parapunov bb.
P.O.Box 55
Tel.: + 389 (0)2 30 65 381 int. 184
Fax: + 389 (0)2 30 65 298

Albanian edition can be requested from:

Diakonia Agapes
Ruga: “Durrësit”
PO Box 1545
Tel.: + 355 4 25 63 68
Fax: + 355 4 23 05 64

Serbian edition can be requested from:

Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization
Cirila i Metodija 21
21000 Novi Sad
Tel.: + 381 21 469 588
Fax: + 381 21 496 616/466 911

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