5th Partnership Meeting – Partnership for Common Initiatives and Projects

Biggest Annual 2004 NGO Event Celebrated in the Spirit of Macedonian EU Integration
December 15, 2004
5th Partnership Meeting – Partnership for Common Initiatives and Projects
April 7, 2005

The main conclusions of the meeting were:

  • changes in partner organizations’ environment took place in 2004 as main supporters and donors withdraw from the region as result of the ned of post-conflict and emergency situation in the region;
  • network has addressed some of the new challenges through implementation of capacity-building activities on EU funding, lobbying and advocacy and introduction of new information-sharing tools such as weekly e-mail alerts to enable partner organizations timely and effective access to funding information;
  • capacity-building activities on mobilization of resources and support are to be implemented in 2nd half 2005 and 1st half 2006 to address the new support and donor environment on partner organizations further.

The main recommendations that steamed from the meeting are:

  • new mechanisms to be introduced to strengthen the network such as ad-hoc working group for formulation of joint application by interested partner organizations; announcements/call for proposals for exchange, backstopping and exposure opportunities;
  • improvement and support of partner to partner communication and engagement of partners in meetings and events through additional fundraising and promotion of benefits of partnership to partner organizations;
  • working groups on special issues are to meet and develop a platform of cooperation by the end of 2005;
  • the future of the network, including possibilities for legal registration of the network and membership criteria, is to be reviewed by the working group on vision and mission.

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