Regional Training on EU Funding, Lobbying and Advocacy

Regional Training on EU Funding, Lobbying and Advocacy
November 18, 2004
Biggest Annual 2004 NGO Event Celebrated in the Spirit of Macedonian EU Integration
December 15, 2004

The focus was both on project cycle management and EU policies, structures and mechanisms related to countries in Western Balkans. In the study visit to EC Delegation in Skopje participants learned about management and procedures of accessible EU funds and asked questions to Mr. Nafi Sarachini, Civil Society Advisor in EC Delegation to Skopje and Ms. Jutta Bulling, Programme Manager on Civil Society and Social Cohesion in European Agency for Reconstruction-Operation Center Skopje.

The training was attended by 16 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro (including Kosovo) and Macedonia. Action plan for join action on EU funding, lobbying and advocacy was produced as a result of the training.

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